Sex Workers in Bangladesh’s Mega-Brothel | Vice News

Anupa says she doesn’t know how old she is. A young bonded sex worker in Bangladesh’s largest and oldest brothel, she was kidnapped by a broker and sold for $400. Now she is forced to have sex with multiple clients per day to pay off her “debt.” To plump her up and make her look older she has been given steroids used for fattening cows. “After taking the pill, whatever beauty I had is gone now. My skin is ruined and my figure is not like before. I am suffering a lot for this. I am not like before,” she tells VICE News.

Nestled between a busy railway station and a ferry port swarming with thousands of men, sprawling Dautladia is home to almost 2,000 sex workers, most of them young girls, and many of them forced into sexual slavery. Built by the British during colonial rule, it is now owned by a local politician’s family that profits from the booming business in the area.

The size of a small town, the brothel has everything customers and sex workers need. With beauty salons, markets, and gambling hub  inside, the girls who work around the clock have no reason to go out. And they couldn’t leave even if they wanted to. Known as dalals, the brokers bring the girls into the brothels and sell them to madams.

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