March 3rd, 2015 | Print

Bangladesh Hangs Islamist Leader Despite U.N. Objections | CNN

Bangladesh hanged an Islamist leader Thursday despite pleas not to from the United Nations. The execution came after the country's Supreme Court upheld the death sentence against Abdul Quader Mollah, state-run news agency BSS reported. Mollah was ...

March 3rd, 2015 | Print

Bangladesh Postpones Hanging of Islamist Leader | CNN

Bangladesh postponed the hanging of an Islamist leader shortly before his execution was to take place Tuesday, his attorney told CNN. Abdul Quader Mollah is now scheduled to be hanged Wednesday. His defense lawyers, meanwhile, are filing a petition ...

March 1st, 2015 | Print

Bangladesh Makes World’s Biggest Human Flag | CNN

Bangladesh has smashed a record set by Pakistan last year by forming the world's largest human flag, Guinness World Records has confirmed. Tens of thousands of Bangladeshi students and armed forces held up red and green colored placards in Dhaka's ...