An Epidemic of Brutal Sexual Assaults | Vice News

Two months ago, during the peak of monsoon season, Rohima was running late. She and her husband Ali, a local fisherman, left her sister-in-law’s wedding late at night to get home to their three children.

Rohima and Ali ran a few blocks through lush tea gardens and soaked paddy fields to reach a boat to cross the river. When they arrived on the opposite bank, they decided to board an auto-rickshaw rather than walk the usual 30-minute trek to their hut. What followed would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Six men surrounded them as the driver attempted to start the vehicle.

“They dragged me out of the car onto the road, and started kicking me and husband,” Rohima told VICE News. “They beat me and made me into a corpse. Then they took me inside a school and after that they ripped off my clothes and veil.”

She woke up alone the next morning, naked in a pool of blood.

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