Correspondent & Producer

My global identity led me to a career in journalism. Growing up in one of the most isolating places in the world –Saudi Arabia, I learned what it felt like to be a second-class citizen. I spent years later years of my childhood in Bangladesh, the country of my ancestors where  rampant corruption and political instability brought my family to another isolated part of the world. Utah. I came to terms with my loneliness, but it felt different this time. Not only did I not speak English, but I was the only brown, Muslim girl of my class, in a community of Caucasian Mormons.

Portrait of Tania Rashid

My exposure to the Middle East, South Asia, and racism in Utah drew me to get my B.A. history and global studies at UCLA in 2007. After my graduation, I worked for Al Gore’s global TV network, Current TV for three years.  But watching the female pioneers in my industry I quickly learned that I wanted to become a one-woman-shop with my filmmaking. So I decided to get my  master’s degree in broadcast journalism and documentary at Columbia University, where I learned to shoot, edit, and produce stories on my own.

I am now working as a freelance journalist in South Asia. I’ve produced and hosted  for Al Jazeera English, CNN International, and Vice News.